An Apple A Day Keeps The Wrinkles Away

We always expect the next natural, groundbreaking beauty ingredient to be from some exotic species, found in an exotic region and fairly difficult to spell or pronounce. But according to new research, this time that new natural, groundbreaking agent comes from plain 'ole apples.

A new study revealed that a compound in apple pectin might be useful as a new anti-aging ingredient. According to the in vitro study conducted by researchers at Yves Rocher and University Paris Descartes, polysaccharides from apple pectin may help fight against changes to the skin structure associated with aging. Pectins are a family of complex polysaccharides that are present in plant cell walls. According to the researchers, they are well known to regulate several important functions in plant growth and development. The researchers studied the effects of apple pectin on human skin and concluded that due to its ability to promote epidermal growth (and some other technical advantages), apple pectin may contain a new secret for anti-aging formulas. It looks like we will just have to wait and see.

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    I love apples as an alternative to chips and I've read in recent studies apples can help prevent liver,colon, breast and lung cancer. Nature once again proves that a healthy natural foods diet pays off!

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    Nature does it again, I love apples as a snack alternative to chips. I have been going back to nature with my diet and skincare and I have begun to see the results! From my Revaleskin Coffeeberry® skincare to my almost vegan diet, I feel & look better. Tip: For those of you on the go and little time to wash, core and slice and worry about preserving the apples ,the brand " Crunchpak®" available at the big box store comes in a 32oz bag of pre-sliced apples preserved with Vitamin C ! Love them! Crunchpak® has a website too.

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