Get A Lift And Tuck On Your Iphone

My iPhone has become an extension of my body. Thanks to airports and Starbucks' nationwide, I know I'm not alone. Its uses and resources are endless, and I have become dependent on it for pretty much everything. Considering plastic surgery? The commercial wasn't lying, there's even an app for that! iAugment recently debuted in the App Store, allowing you to upload a picture to change your breast size with a shake of your phone. Dr. Shafer's Medical Tourism App allows you to learn about cosmetic procedures offered by board certified plastic surgeons in New York City and also helps you make travel arrangements. Doctors worldwide are releasing apps and Dr. Kassabian's is one of my favorites.

The Lift/Tuck App by Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Garo Kassabian, MD, allows you to perform surgery on your friends and family right from your iPhone or iPad. Alter your appearance digitally with a swipe of your finger and see how you would look with a smaller nose or a flatter tummy. The Lift/Tuck app can even be used as a consultation tool. Pretty cool. Now it's available for your iPad 2.