Your Coffee Break May Reduce Your Risk For Breast Cancer

For many of us, drinking coffee is as much a part of our daily routine as getting dressed. We stroll into work, clinging to a cup of Joe, ignoring the naysayers who look at us shamefully like the caffeine addicts we are. Well, a new study will have you sipping your next cup of coffee guilt-free and it may even have some of coffee's critics joining the lines at Starbucks. According to new research, you can now savor the flavor of your favorite bean-based beverage and reduce your risk of a particular form of breast cancer at the same time!

A recent study of regular coffee drinkers compared to those who rarely consumed it revealed that those who were loyal to their daily dose of coffee had a lower incidence of breast cancer. For more specific results, researchers took it a step further and factored in lifestyle variables, such as age at menopause, family history, weight, exercise and education. These factors helped them pinpoint coffee's specific contribution to a reduced risk of ER-negative breast cancer. While the results prove promising, it's important to note that further research is needed to determine which specific coffee ingredients or types of coffee are most beneficial.