Surgery Out Of Spite On The Rise

Get this. According to a recent study by the Transform Cosmetic Group, 26 percent of British plastic-surgery patients are newly divorced women. Apparently, women are turning to their plastic surgeons to erase years and build self-esteem after their marriages have ended. The press is referring to this phenomenon of women bouncing back from their divorces with cosmetic surgery as “revenge surgery,” explaining that these women are on missions to reinvent themselves after the devastation of their unsuccessful marriages.

However, the motives vary from woman to woman. While some say they want to get back at their husbands, looking better than ever, other women just want the bodies they had before having children. As you would expect, there are all kinds of opinions and views on “revenge surgery” from doctors and patients alike. Has anyone gone under the knife as a divorcee? Would anyone consider getting a procedure for spite?