Are You Ruining Your Brows?

Full brows are back! But without the proper maintenance you can end up looking more like Eugene Levy than Brooke Shields. I spoke with Malynda Vigliotti of Manhattan's Boom Boom Brow Bar and got the skinny on the recipe for pleasantly plump brows.

First and foremost, think of your brows as a picture frame for your eyes. A good brow job can serve as an "instant eye lift." So, make sure you are going to a true eyebrow waxing specialist who knows what she is doing, since so many people over-think brows and end up waxing way too much.

Second, put the tweezers down. Malynda recommends only waxing once a month, so patience is a virtue. Do not tweeze between visits, as you can end up doing more damage. This also will get stray hairs on the same growth cycle.

Third, for those of you who have over tweezed or waxed, there is still hope. Brow tinting can make those sparse eyebrows appear more lush and defined. Malynda uses a vegetable-based dye so no need to worry about toxins on your face. Castor oil can also be applied daily as a DIY brow hair-growth remedy. So stop neglecting those brows and let your inner 80s supermodel flag fly!