Are The Fumes At Your Nail Salon Safe?

A new study warns that nail salon workers may be at increased risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals. Researchers studied 80 Vietnamese women who worked at 20 different nail salons in California and measured their work related exposure to toluene, ethyl acetate and isopropyl acetate.

The results, which were published online in the American Journal of Public Health last week, showed that the workers were exposed to higher-than-recommended levels of these solvents. One-third of the women reported health problems like headaches, irritations, nausea and breathing problems since they started working at a nail salon. Nose, throat, lungs, skin and eye irritations were the most common complaints by the participants, reported by 25.6 percent of them.

So what does this mean for us, their loyal clients? Well, the toxins are in the nail products, which customers are obviously exposed to, just to a much lesser extent. It seems that nail salon workers are at a heightened risk of health problems since they are exposed to the chemicals daily. The real matter of concern is the long-term health outcomes for those working in nail salons, which are not yet known.