Can Red Wine And Chocolate Make You Smarter?

Wine and chocolate top many women's lists of indulgences, mine included. But a new study reveals that these indulgences don't have to be vices. According to the research, polyphenols, plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate and red wines, widen blood vessels, speeding the supply of blood to the brain. This provides an increase of oxygen and sugars in the brain, which results in making the task of completing complex calculations easier and quicker. However, researches point out that it is older people who benefit most from polyphenols. Young volunteers who participated in the study didn't report significant changes in their mental capacity.

We were particularly pleased to learn that it is thought that polyphenols are more effective together than individually. Therefore enjoying some chocolates with your glass of Merlot may actually be beneficial to your health. But make sure the chocolates are dark, the nutritional benefits are not the same for milk and white chocolate. Cheers.