Eau De Princess

Sadly, the royal wedding has passed. We've seen the dress, the hair and the makeup, but we're still talking about it, days (and major current events) later. According to The Daily Mail, Kate Middleton was wearing White Gardenia Petals, a fragrance by Illuminum, as she walked down the isle last week.

The delicate scent has a top note of lily, that according to the Illuminum website, “evokes a tropical seaside vacation.” The Illuminum brand was founded in 2007 by former celebrity hairdresser Michael Boadi, who has styled Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Supposedly, as soon as word got out, every one of the 50 ml bottles from the small British brand sold out in minutes and a two-week waiting list formed. While orders have been placed by “CopyKates” from dozens of different countries, most customers have actually been from the U.S. Rumor has it, you can score a bottle on eBay, for double the retail price.