A Fool-Proof Way To Find Your Signature Scent

Do you change your perfumes with the season? Set aside certain notes for when the hot weather hits? We'd like to say we're diligent about rolling out our signature scents on a four-times-a-year basis, but, to be honest, having a separate scent to transition between day and night is tough enough.

Until we met Sula. The irresistible fragrance line screams summer with scents like Sun-Kissed Citrus (a sparkling-fresh mix of grapefruit, jasmine, citron and sandalwood that's just about the best citrus scent we've ever smelled), Champagne Sugar (a marriage of sugarcane and pomegranate with a touch of woods that's sweetly sophisticated) and Blackberry Blush (a grown-up fruity fragrance with a touch of romantic rose). Best of all, the oil-based perfumes were made to be mixed, and not in the ‘trial-and-error' sort of way. Each scent in the six-piece set blends well with the others (they were formulated that way), so you can't go wrong when you layer away. We'll let you do the math, but that's a whole lot of separate scents to last you through the season-and then some.