A Royal Smile For A Royal Wedding

All of us have acute wedding fever-and it's not going away. Everyone is all about Kate Middleton-what she's wearing, how she's wearing her hair and her gorgeous smile.

NYC-Based cosmetic dentists Jeff Golub-Evans, DDS, and Emanuel Layliev, DDS, who treat several A-listers such as Kim Cattrall, Hugh Jackman, Usher and Bridget Moynahan, offer some pearls of wisdom on how to achieve a Royal Smile and flawless wedding photos.

What are some parameters for teeth whitening before heading down the aisle?
"Wearing white always makes teeth look darker by contrast," so it pays to brighten them before walking down the aisle, whether it's at home or in office. "You'll be looking at those wedding photos for years to come, so you'll want a white sparkly smile," says Dr. Golub-Evans.

What's the easiest way to get a brighter looking smile in a matter of seconds?
“We tell our patients that if they need a “quick fix” a blue-based red lipstick or high shine gloss will always help teeth look a few shades whiter,” explains Dr. Golub-Evans. “I also recommend wearing a pair of earrings that sparkle, and avoid gold jewelry around the face because it can actually exaggerate yellowish tones,” adds Dr. Layliev.

Any tips on how to smile for great bridal photos?
“Practice smiling in the mirror with your teeth slightly parted (one pinky finger breadth), as if you are really excited. You'll show more white teeth, because the lower teeth won't be hiding behind the uppers, and the smile won't look forced,” explains Dr. Layliev. “And right before your photo, wet your teeth by running your tongue over them for a natural shine.”

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    Dr. Golub-Evans is right on target. The biggest problem I have seen is that potential brides almost never think of visiting their dentist to request a cosmetic evaluation long enough before the wedding activities begin. Next to the parents, your dentist should be the one you tell and start to make your smile as glamorous and as soon as possible cause the photos will soon begin!!!

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    Really great suggestions and thanks for the timely piece. Besides the last minute whitening products and applications, I'd encourage you to obviously maintain a through oral-health routine at all times. Make sure you are brushing, flossing and rinsing thoroughly at all times. Most importantly, the pure joy of walking down the aisle will make your smile look even more beautiful.

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    Great suggestions! Be extra cautious of last minute whitening that requires high intensity lights or lasers as this could back fire due to the sensitivity often associated with it. You do not want to wince in pain everytime you smile or breath-in on your wedding day. We offer an in-home whitening system, Icing 30-Carat, that was developed especially for our celebrity clientele that need last minute whitening before hitting the red carpet. The potassium nitrate in the gel desensitizes the tooth during the whitening process thus allowing the carbamide peroxide to powerfully whiten the teeth right before your event. Your dress should not be the only thing white on your wedding day!

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    Great tips! The Whiter Image to Go Teeth Whitening Pen is perfect for keeping stains away. Instantly dissolves the film after drinking red wine, coffee, berry drinks or tea. The pen is attractive , easy to use and safe for sensitive teeth. Our brides get one after having their make-up done at Veronica's. The mint flavor is mild and there's about sixty applications. Kate looked beautiful and what a smile!

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