Fight The Signs Of Aging From Your Fridge

“Fresh” is an adjective that gets a lot of play on beauty product ingredient lists. And why not? It's obviously an attractive descriptor when it comes to all things natural-but how “fresh” can something be if you just picked it up off of a store shelf?

The Body Deli's Ice Box answers that question. All of the products from the specialty line, which includes masks, toners, gels and mists, are formulated from fresh, food-grade ingredients such as yogurt, papaya and peach purees, and cucumber juice, which, according to the company, the skin responds better to since the ingredients are kept at their optimal potency and not treated with preservatives. The products are shipped in special insulated boxes with ice packs to keep them cool, and last three to six months, which gives you plenty of time to use them up. Not convinced? The Palm Desert store is a hot-spot stop for celeb shoppers like Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn.