Sensitive Solution For Acne

Acne. For those of us that have suffered from it, this word evokes all kinds of negative feelings and other four letter words. People with acne-prone skin have become a demographic targeted over and over again by skin-care companies promising to clear skin with magical products. So how do we know which to choose?

Well, everyone's skin is different and requires different features from their skin care. My skin is super-sensitive. While I need the powerful penetration of most acne formulas, I just can't handle it. I'm often left red and dry.

The Glytone Acne Kit is a great solution for someone who wants a full anti-acne regimen without irritation or dryness. This three-step program's active ingredients (salicylic acid in the cleanser and lotion, benzoyl peroxide and polyolprepolymer in the gel) work together to control acne without irritation. No harsh smells, no stinging and no pesky dry patches. It's worth a shot for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin.