Farewell To Fragrance Spritzers

The New York Times had an interesting article last weekend about the rise and fall of fragrance spritzers in major department stores. The industry has finally realized that most consumers try to avoid running the gauntlet of the cosmetics department, lest some spritz-happy employee squirts them in the face with a blast of Rihanna's new fragrance (have you noticed how hard this one is being pushed?)

Nordstrom has banned the spritzers entirely. Instead, sales people are trained to ask the customer what kind scent he or she prefers-oriental, floral, green, etc-) and then suggest several fragrances the customer might like. I don't know about you, but I prefer to take a sample and try out a perfume over a couple of days before buying, if it's not a repurchase of an old favorite.

One thing that the article didn't mention is how many people are allergic to perfumes. Fragrances can trigger migraines for some people, as well. Getting through the Neiman Marcus cosmetics department un-accosted is pretty much impossible. Goodbye spritzers-we won't miss you at all.