Goodbye Smelly Self-Tanners

Hopefully, your self-tanning products are leaving you with a natural-looking tan. But from my own experience, they may not be leaving you with a natural-smelling tan. So if you've actually found a product that has you looking like you've spent a weekend in the islands, I have a product to add to your regimen that won't have you smelling like a tanning salon because chances are: you love your self-tanner but hate its smell.

You're not alone. Xen-Tan Scent Secure Daily Protection, a moisturizer that blocks out the unpleasant scent of self-tanners, was developed just to solve this problem. Instead of a harsh, bold scent, it gives your skin a clean cucumber-melon fragrance. A special molecule works to surround the tanning ingredient (DHA) and erase the odor often associated with self-tanners. How cool is that? Scent Secure works over any self-tanning product and provides oil-free moisture for all skin types. Just apply it an hour after your self-tanner, it's light and feels great on your skin!