Shaving For Summer: An Intuitive Razor

While being a beauty writer means the constant search and disposal of products, there's always certain lines we learn to stand by.??

For me, one such brand has been the Schick Intuition razor-I have super sensitive, fair skin-and over the years, any other razor would leave me with ugly nicks and razor bumps.??

A few weeks ago, I attended an editor's dinner and was introduced to their Naturals Sensitive Care. It's an eco-friendly time of year-Earth Day is coming up, I'm no longer wearing an Eskimo coat and am anticipating a bikini-wearing trip to Rio. The concept of something being great for sensitive skin and natural AND still not giving me any sort of unattractive reaction is exactly what I was seeking.??

A cardboard package replaces the previous plastic wrapping, and much of the newer package's cardboard is recycled. The lubricated Intuition blades contain a “hypo-allergenic shaving solid” that although appears to look like plastic, is actually a soap-like material. As the head of the razor glides across your skin, you'll feel that the white solid contains vitamin E and aloe. This creates a cool foam (and also the option to not use shaving cream!).??

(I love when things appeal to my lazy side, and are also good for the planet!)