Are Mammograms Hindered By Breast Fat Injections?

Fat transfer is a growing area of interest for plastic surgeons and patients alike, but as it pertains to breast augmentation, this method of enhancement may have an obstacle to overcome.

According to a study published in the April Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, fat injections for breast augmentation can confuse a mammogram due to “microcalcifications” that are indistinguishable from certain breast cancer abnormalities. These calcifications showed up in eight of the 48 women included in the study and were biopsied for examination. While none of the biopsies showed evidence of cancer, the report is prompting further debate on the subject of fat injection for breast augmentation.

This is especially true since this new report showed a different conclusion than a paper published only a month earlier in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which stated “radiographic follow up of breasts treated with fat grafting is not problematic and should not be a hindrance to the procedure.” The difference in observations likely intensifies the need for further study.