Moisture-Rich Hair In Minutes

Whenever I go to the hair salon, I always request a deep conditioning hair treatment. It's such a lavish experience to have someone apply conditioner to my hair while I sit for 20 minutes taking it all in. But at home, I don't have that kind of time. I do so much to my hair (i.e. blow-dry, flat iron, curl and color) that I need an intense conditioner. However, I want to apply it and absorb the nutrients as quickly as possible. I want the rich salon results without the 20-minute leave-in time. I'd heard some encouraging things about the Paul Labrecque Daily Conditioner so I wanted to give it a try.

The Paul Labrecque Daily Conditioner is a mud conditioner that gives an instant boost of moisture to the hair while restoring it to optimum health. It contains marine sea mud to purify the scalp and strengthen the hair root; minerals to help prevent hair loss; and seaweed to promote shiny, healthy looking hair. It instantly detangled my hair and made the texture velvety soft. But the most thrilling factor for me is it only took 5 minutes to achieve these remarkable results.