Is ’80s Hair Making A Comeback?

The word “mousse” often evokes memories from the '80s, when we wore acid washed jeans and huge, crunchy hair. How would you feel if I told you that big hair was making a comeback this year? I know as the humidity rises in Florida, the big hair trend may not have us southern girls complaining but although big hair is back, mousse formulas that leave hair weighed-down and stiff, are not.

Meet the new and improved mousse, not that super sticky stuff you remember. Rene Furterer Paris offers three mousses that will have your hair full and beautiful-minus the '80s buildup and crunch-to have you in style this spring. All three Furterer mousses (Volumea, Vegetal Mousse and Tonucia) are made with pure essential oils and active plant extracts that treat your scalp and your hair. VOLUMEA volumizing foam kept my waves soft and full all day long. I just applied it to towel-dried hair and gave it a quick blow dry. How easy is that?