Could A Cousin To Cinnamon Erase Your Dark Spots?

A study in Taiwan will investigate whether an extract from the evergreen bush, cinnamomum suabvenium, a close relative of the cinnamon plant, can be used in skin-lightening formulations. In prior research from the Ksojdoing Medical University in Taiwan, two chemicals from the plant were found to reduce melanin levels in fish embryos by almost half within four days. From there, researchers wondered if these herbal whiteners, that were able to transform embryos from black to white, could also lighten women's skin.

Skin-lightening products are commonly used by women in Asia and usually include harsh ingredients like mercury and hydroquinone that can result in redness, inflammation and other related skin issues. Scientists believe that this research could lead to a natural formulation based on only one percent active ingredients that could possibly be available in stores in as little as one year. I guess we will have to wait and see. Do you currently use any products to lighten age spots and freckles?

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  • Ashley Beckman
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    Yes - I have a skincare company and we make a couple amazing masks for brightening the skin. I just wrote a blog post where I gave a wonderful DIY mask for reducing hyper-pigmentation. Here is some of the basic info on our Illuminate Mask. • Shiitake contains kojic acid, which lightens the skin naturally and is antioxidant rich thus preventing premature aging. • Hawthorn berry is used topically to block excessive pigmentation of the skin and to reduce the appearance of age spots. • Fullers Earth clay purges impurities from the skin while also lightening the outer epidermal layer of the skin. Fullers Earth clay is also beneficial for reducing acne, scars, blemishes, and age spots.

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