Water Therapy From A Seriously Sustainable Spa

Spa treatments that incorporate the local elements are great; spa treatments that have you in the middle of them are even better. Iceland's Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa has both down pat.

Picture this: You're floating in the middle of the lagoon's mineral-rich water on a raft, surrounded by the natural elements like volcanic and pure Icelandic air, getting a full-body massage that includes a reflexology treatment and a silica mud-mask (straight from the lagoon's floor) facial. Sound like heaven? It pretty much is. The spa offers their signature Relaxing Massage in increments of 10- to 60-minute treatments, and recommends relaxing in the surrounding lagoon both before and after the massage (or opt for entry into the Exclusive Lounge, which comes complete with a fireplace, outdoor deck and private changing rooms). Lounging has never been so luxurious.