Keep Your Creams Germ-Free

While most of us remember to use our night creams and day creams, we may not always remember to wash our hands before sticking our grubby little fingers in the jars. Extra germs and bacteria are not what we want on our faces. French packaging supplier, Albéa, responsible for developing the new Diorshow 360 mascara package, has come up with a solution and launched a new cream dispenser. The company claims it is the first totally hygienic and convenient application system for various cosmetics products.

The design of the dispensing roller is said to provide a light and uniform application of a formula to the skin. The dispenser comes in two portable sizes and can be used on different areas of the body. While the dispenser is designed to fit several different formulas, the company suggests it will work best for moisturizers, slimming formulas, mens' care, sun care and specific treatments such as hair remover or stretch mark creams. Keep an eye out for your favorite products in a brand new package.