Another Hyaluronic Acid Alternative?

Indena, an Italian-based ingredients company, has launched an extract that is comparable to the structure and function of hyaluronic acid, a popular ingredient in anti-aging formulas. Similar to hyaluronic acid, the ingredient, Xilogel (an extract of Tanarindus indicia), has strong anti-aging and hydrating properties and can be used as a moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredient.

Because hyaluronic acid is mostly produced using biotechnology, Indena is citing Xilogel as its “green alternative”; the extract is simply extracted and purified from the tamarind seed. Indena's scientific communications officer said: both the extract and hyaluronic acid seem to behave similarly, although the tamarind extract performed better on short-term skin hydration. Additionally, Xilogel has useful characteristics within a formulation and can help stabilize emulsions and form a gel when added to water. Keep an eye open for this new ingredient. Does anyone have any other favorite anti-aging ingredients?