Light The Night With A Brighter Smile

You're prepped and ready for a night out, and the last thing you grab before go is a lip gloss. Instead of depending solely on the color to make your teeth look white, why not grab a tooth gloss, too?

A what? Applied just like a lip gloss, except on the teeth, a tooth gloss reflects light and protects teeth against stains. The one from Love That White Smile also feels slick and smooth on while helping to freshen breath. Plus, it comes conveniently packaged with a lip gloss so you can also moisturize and plump up lips to perfect your pout. Oh and you know when you're stumped about picking a shade that complements teeth? Don't worry. Love That White Smile lip glosses are formulated with reflective properties that enhance the whiteness of your smile. So it's as easy as grab, go and apply.

Based in Canada, the line also includes a cleaning and whitening foam system, maintenance whitening foam and an on-the-go cleaning pen. According to the website, the products will be making their way to Target stores in the U.S. soon.