Stay In Shape With Snakes

Move over Hot Yoga. There's a new extreme class in town: snake yoga. This new branch of yoga is exactly what it sounds like-yoga with snakes. Envision your favorite yoga class. Then envision real, live boa constrictors and pythons. Officially called Kumara Serpent Healing, snake yoga, as most people refer to it, is an offshoot of Kundalini Yoga, which combines physical positions with a focus on breathing, meditating and chanting.

Reportedly, overcoming your natural aversion to snakes will help clear your chakras, allowing energy to freely flow throughout the body. And this will help improve every area of your life, or something like that. Skeptical?

The story goes that energy should flow freely through all eight chakras. However, most people usually have a blockage somewhere that can cause different problems and negative feelings. Anxiety can be a cause of these chakra blockages and overcoming them can help the free flow of energy. That's where the snakes come in. Got it? Would you try it?