Multi-Tasking Moisture Makeup

I'm all for multi-tasking-any product that can help me in more ways than one, deserves a spot in my makeup bag. No one wants to carry around all of their makeup, all of the time. A new skin-care integrated concealer, Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer, covers discolorations, dark circles and primes your eyelids, all in one cute, little, convenient palette.

The creamy, blend-able shades meld pearl powders with good-for-your-skin pigments and humidifying botanicals. It's perfect for all skin types and will leave your skin looking natural while giving you long-lasting coverage minus the cakiness we all hate. No fragrance, artificial colors, parabens or petroleum-based mineral oil, just quality ingredients like shea butter, jojoba seed oil and various fruit extracts.