A New Shampoo That Saves Your Skin, Too

I have sensitive skin, but a sensitive scalp? I've honestly never thought about it until I saw Biologique Recherche's new hair-care line.

According to the company, more than 35 percent of men and women have a sensitive scalp, which can be a recurring problem that comes about from hormone disorders, vitamin deficiencies, over-aggressive hair products and external factors like the sun. Whatever the cause, it shows up in your hair as flaking or dandruff and can feel itchy or even like an uncomfortable “pulling” sensation. Plus, it affects the look and luster of your locks.

If you've ever experienced any of these things, then the company's Shampooing Traitant Dermo-Apaisant is for you. The shampoo helps to balance and soothe the scalp with wild pansy and thistle extracts while gently washing it (it's also recommended for those with eczema). The result? Ultra-healthy, shiny hair that really does start at the root.