Replenish Cracked Heels

I'm pretty rough on my feet. Between the ridiculous shoes I insist on prancing around the city in and my abhorrence of socks, the bottom of my feet are not always silky and smooth. If time and money allowed for constant pedicures all might be right in the world, but, even so, watching the nail-tech grate the bottom of my feet like a block of mozzarella cheese is pretty gross, for lack of a better word. That's why I now use Bare Foot Repair for Cracked Heels to keep my heels soft between pedicures.

An inexpensive solution, this foot balm is worth every penny. The company claims that the mix of natural ingredients help accelerate cell regeneration while simultaneously moisturizing and soothing. Apply this stuff twice a day for a few days and your heels will be good as new.