Help Break Down Fat With A Unique Vegan Supplement

Most weight-loss pills address only one component of weight gain. The GliSODin Advanced Slimming Formula is different since it focuses on all the aspects that cause us to gain weight.

These blueberry-blackberry flavored supplements reduce fat in the body, assist in proper digestion and support all of the body's systems that are necessary to endure healthy weight loss. “This vegan and caffeine-free formula contains rice, seaweed and pineapple, amongst other ingredients, so that your appetite is controlled, and energy levels are sustained so that you can break down sugars and carbs the right way, reaping the benefits,” says celebrity nutritionist Paula Simpson.

The Consensus: May help with weight loss to some degree but is not a quick fix. “This product touts many health benefits, but there are certainly no quick fixes when it comes to dieting,” says New York nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot. “Some of the ingredients in this supplement, such as seaweed extract, may have positive effects on metabolism.”