A Unique Fragrance Finds A Fan Base

I think one of the most offensive things a stranger can say to you is “Are you wearing X perfume?”-especially when they are right. There's nothing else that screams, “you aren't an individual” like being sniffed out by a complete stranger.

But I digress. It's not so much sharing a fragrance with someone else that bothers me; it's the fact that it can be really difficult to find a unique scent-one that doesn't smell downright odd-that the rest of civilization hasn't already latched on to.

Space NK's new trio of fresh fragrances seems to understand. Exclusive to the store, the beautiful Citrina (a lively citrus mixed with mint), Florabelle (a bold, vanilla-amber musk) and Eau Pure (a fresh, watery floral with a hint of sandalwood) are three scents that are so different, yet so unbelievably appealing, that they are sure to suit even the pickiest perfume connoisseurs. The quest is over. What's your favorite unique scent?