Is Pilates A Fading Fad?

There is something exciting about adopting a popular type of exercise, but not all trends have staying power. According to an annual poll conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, Pilates completely fell off the list of 2011 fitness trends.

The online poll surveyed more than 2,000 fitness and health industry experts from around the world to indentify this year's forecast of trends. Pilates wasn't the only trend that people are leaving in favor of other regimens. Stability ball and balance training also suffered from waning interest.

As a top trend in fitness since 2008, Pilates may be losing ground because of the cost. So who has moved up the list? Bootcamp workouts. The smaller price tag and simpler workouts appeal to masses post recession. And with so many reality television shows, such as A&E's Heavy or NBC's The Biggest Loser, using the bootcamp methods to help participants lose weight, it stays top of mind as a solution to unwanted fat.

What's your favorite new fitness trend and why?