Are Migraines Linked To Weight Gain?

Migraines are bad enough on their own. To find out that they could have a relationship to weight gain is downright depressing. A new finding suggests that women who experienced migraines in childhood gain more weight than their peers as adults.

Published online in Headache, the study showed that 40 percent of women with migraines early in life gained an extra 22 pounds after age 18 versus only 30 percent of women who lived migraine free. The data on more than 3,700 women was analyzed for the study.

Though the reasons are still unclear, changes in activity and diet as a result of ongoing pain and nausea may be to blame. Also unclear is the exact connection between migraines and weight gain. One doesn't necessarily cause the other.

Did you ever have migraines as a kid? If so, what has your experience with body weight been?