Japanese Skin Brightener Arrives In U.S.

What is it that gets us so excited about a foreign product coming to market here? Maybe it's a fresh take on a product we've seen before, or maybe it's unlike anything we've seen before. Maybe it's the packaging or the strange sounding names. Whatever it is, we believe the Aqua Collagen Gel BI-HA-KU from Dr.Ci:Labo is cause for excitement.

Already a darling of Japanese beauty mavens who have made it success there, the product finally made its debut in the United States this week. The thick gel cream fights dark spots with vitamins C and E and natural brightener licorice root extract. It's also easily absorbed to moisturize deeply, and the formula's seaweed gel extract, oligogeline, creates a thin barrier to help maintain optimal moisture. The result: say “sayonara” to dull skin.