Enhance The Beauty Benefits Of Your Shower

The beauty benefits of a shower are usually what you bring to it: shampoo and conditioner, face wash, body scrub, etc. You can't really rely on your shower head to do anything cosmetically magical-or can you?

New Zealand's Methven has created the innovative Satinjet Maia. Developed under a dermatologist's guidance, the Maia uses filtering and meticulous massaging to allow the water touching your skin to actually improve it.

It eliminates chlorine with a special vitamin C cartridge, preventing the weakening of skin's protectively barrier and the dehydration of hair-especially chemically and color-treated hair.

By twisting the head, the jets create a uniquely gentle and circulation-stimulating stream of water appropriate for face and body, respectively.

One of our favorite features: the facial massage position prompts only the outer jets to flow, creating a "breathing zone" to let you enjoy a longer face-washing session.