Recapture Your Youthful Skin With (Literally) Green Ingredients

Our technology-obsessed world can make it easy to assume that the more complicated something is, the more impressive it is-even with skincare. However, lofty anti-aging promises don't have to be accompanied by a confusing list of unrecognizable ingredients.

One company with some natural, familiar and even unexpected ingredients is proving to those who try it that a product that gets back to basics-when those basics are ingeniously combined-is just as if not more effective as the products that remind you of how much you hated your 11th grade chemistry class.

Creme d'Olives is a fascinating formula that protects and nourishes skin while lessening the signs of aging by using, as you may have suspected, a special olive leaf salve and other not-uncommon ingredients like glycerin and soybean oil.

But what you may not have guessed is that one of its other potent components is cannabis seed oil. Yes, that cannabis. But don't worry: it's perfectly legal to use this rich, Spanish-made potion.

Through antioxidant defense, moisturization, and increased micro-circulation, it helps your skin claim that youthful balance of firmness and softness-all without unpronounceable ingredients.