Shimmering Skin From A Special "Spray"

So, you want your skin to shimmer for a fancy evening soirée, but slathering on sparkly body lotion from the drugstore just seems so gauche.

Thank goodness for Vincent Longo's Diamond Body Spray. Its presentation and composition are as glamorous as the look you're going for.

Unlike most sprays, the contents of Diamond Body Spray are not in liquid form. Instead, you're "poofing" on powdery particles of radiance-imparting minerals using an atomizer that looks like it belongs on an old-Hollywood vanity.

In addition to your shoulders, arms, décolleté and legs, Diamond Body Spray adds a glistening glow to hair, too. The more you layer, the more intense the sparkle.

(But for an illuminated look suitable for a formal fête, we recommend "spraying" with subtlety.)