Haircare That Works Well Where You Dwell

Anyone who's ever moved from one climate to another knows that hair acts differently depending on your location. Shampoo and conditioner that kept your hair under control in one state could fall short in another. And it's not just the weather that plays a part-it's the tap water and pollution levels, too.

One brilliant new brand is on a mission to bring and end to geographical bad hair days, and they're starting with the legendarily hair-mutilating Los Angeles.

Formula L.A. Purifying Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner were concocted to combat the tress troubles caused by the area's notoriously terrible tap water, smog, dry air, and intense sun. The shampoo neutralizes hair-harming metals like calcium and copper, while the conditioner keeps hair hydrated against all atmospheric odds.

Don't call L.A. home? No worries. The Formula folks are working on products for cities and states all around the country.