An Overnight Sensation That Reveals Radiant Skin

When we were children, a night light was vital for giving us comfort in the often-scary dark. As adults-with often-scary adult skin concerns-we can find comfort just by flipping those words around: Vital Light Night.

It's the one of the latest creations from Clarins in the pursuit of lineless, luminous skin, and it works while you sleep to get you gorgeous while you're awake.

This "revitalizing anti-ageing comfort cream" relies largely on scurvy grass, a plant so rich in vitamin C, it used to be eaten by sailors to prevent scurvy (hence, its name). Alongside a nourishing lipid called palmitoyl glycine, it promotes firmer, smoother skin through collagen fortification.

Vital Light Night even improves the way light reflects against your skin, hours after you were wearing it.

You'll face the day with a fresher complexion when your nights include this skin-supporting cream.

  • Gregory Lomax
    Posted on

    I have a simple question to all the experts, is the formulation of Clarins green or does it contain chemicals which have been declared as unsafe? I use only green products such as the ones containing omega 5 oils. Omega 5 is extracted in a botanical form from the seeds of pomegranates. Greg

  • Christine Love
    Posted on

    Has anyone tried this treatment who might verify its effects? I have dry, WHITE (and, i suppose, thin-ish) skin that wrinkles easily. In my late thirties, I'd love to find something that actually works to plump up my skin and smooth it out. From creams to peels or even fat transfer to fill in some gaps...i am OPEN to suggestions. Also - might anyone recommend a dotor in Missoula, MT? Or anyone in the Bitterroot Valley, even? Thank you! :-)

  • Richard Baxter anonymous
    Posted on

    I have to respectfully disagree with Dr. Hodge's statement that vitamin C is the best antioxidant; it is the most familiar but there are many now known that are considerably more potent. Coffeeberry for eample is hundreds of times more powerful than any of the vitamin antioxidants, and resveratrol from wine is in the same category, as are gtreen tea flavonoids. These botanical antioxidants are often found in their natural forms in plants that also make vitamin C, so perhaps the credit for this product's benefits is mis-attributed.

  • Julie Hodge anonymous
    Posted on

    Vitamin C is still the best antioxidant out there if it is in stable form. While I don't specifically know about the scurvy grass, plant extracts may actually have additional benefits verses purified forms of active ingredients. Plants have to protect themselves from the elements because they can't move. It is important to use a good moisturizer at night to keep the barrier property of your skin healthy.

  • Janine
    Posted on

    I want to find something that'll block harmful indoor lighting.

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