An Overnight Sensation That Reveals Radiant Skin

When we were children, a night light was vital for giving us comfort in the often-scary dark. As adults-with often-scary adult skin concerns-we can find comfort just by flipping those words around: Vital Light Night.

It's the one of the latest creations from Clarins in the pursuit of lineless, luminous skin, and it works while you sleep to get you gorgeous while you're awake.

This "revitalizing anti-ageing comfort cream" relies largely on scurvy grass, a plant so rich in vitamin C, it used to be eaten by sailors to prevent scurvy (hence, its name). Alongside a nourishing lipid called palmitoyl glycine, it promotes firmer, smoother skin through collagen fortification.

Vital Light Night even improves the way light reflects against your skin, hours after you were wearing it.

You'll face the day with a fresher complexion when your nights include this skin-supporting cream.