Peptide-Packed Patches For Under-Eye Improvement

Skin isn't like fabric-you can't just patch it up when it starts showing wear and tear. Or can you?

In a way, yes.

Comfort Zone, one of the most celebrated spa brands, offers a wonder-product called Eye Supreme Multi-Active Patch. Each week, you peel and stick these curved strips under your eyes and relax for 10 minutes as they erase signs of stress and age: puffiness, dark circles, lines, etc.

The magic comes from a collection of trademarked ingredients like Eyeliss, Haloxyl and Collaxyl, which are made of high-performance peptides with a range of abilities. Circulation, collagen and cellular metabolism are stimulated, capillaries are fortified, and skin is hydrated into a lifted look.

Perfect for those who can't make it to the Plaza for an in-spa treatment, Eye Supreme Multi-Active Patch is an at-home helper that makes it easy to get over under-eye woes.