Could Latisse Be The Cure For Hair Loss?

Have you ever wondered, If Latisse can grow eyelashes, why can't it grow other kinds of hair? Well, Allergan has, and they're planning to experiment with their hugely popular prescription lash serum on several subjects' balding heads.

Approved by the FDA in 2008 for eyelash growth, Latisse will be tested on men and women with gender-specific pattern baldness. These clinical trials will determine the effectiveness of bimatoprost on these types of alopecia.

Should the FDA determine that it's beneficial and safe as a remedy for baldness, it would most likely be sold as cream to be topically applied to the scalp.

Although the medical community is excited about the prospects of Latisse as a hair-loss treatment, experts have pointed out that it could be too expensive for most people. A 0.1-ounce bottle of Latisse sells for about $120. Much more would be needed to treat a bald spot, making the potential price almost exorbitant.

  • chelle
    Posted on

    i have alopecis areta and have been completly bald since i was 13 and im 22 now so the potential of this being a cure for baldness or alopecia is a veery exciting thing for me and i wud love to use it no matter how expensive

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    More than a year ago, I used Lumigan (generic) for my receding (sides) hairline. I applied sparingly 1 to 2 drops each side. After just one 0.5oz bottle and in less than 4 months,fine baby hair began growing, filling in the thinning areas. And now more than a year later the hair is still here. I ordered a generic from overseas costing about half the price of the brand, but it is still expensive for coverage of larger areas of hair loss.

  • fiona
    Posted on

    i would be great to hear from drs. on their thoughts on this matter. latisse does work but it really just appears stops the normal shedding so lashes appear darker, thicker. I've been experimenting a bit w. Rogaine on hair and it appears to stop shedding (after a few months of applying to the part, crown and temples). I'm not noticing much hair growth but less shedding which is nice. If i have any extra Latisse on the brush i use on my eyebrows in scant spots and doesn't seem to work at all for me. If a dr. comments on this can you let me know if Rogaine 5% is okay to use for women, i read it was but only see it targeted to the gents.

  • Me Likey
    Posted on

    Interested in this. Won't ever apply Latisse near my actual eyeballs, but eyebrows and scalp... sure! I'm excited to see how this works.

  • Kate
    Posted on

    Rogaine (or generic version) is good for eyebrows too but can't be used on your eyes. A less expensive alternative to Latisse.

  • stacey
    Posted on

    FYI, i have been using REVITALASH on my brows for years - works wonders!

  • Melba
    Posted on

    I came up with a similiar solution a year ago. I mix Lumigen ( the prescription eye drops made by Allergan, used for Latisse) with Minoxidil and use it on the areas of my hair loss. It takes a couple of months, but it works very well and is not so outrageously expensive. Also works for brows, but I use Lumigen alone for lashes.

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