Illuminate A Lackluster Complexion With A Lupine Peptide Potion

Even though I believe fair skin looks healthier than skin that has been tanned-and I live the belief-there are two negative side effects of looking so light: potential pastiness and the increased obviousness of discoloration.

If I'm not careful, I can look pretty washed-out and uneven. In fact, I used to rely on makeup to look luminous and even-toned. But I'm now able to go without makeup if I wanted to, thanks to a product I recently added to my routine.

I'd wanted to try a pur~lisse product for a while, and pur~bright ultra skin-brightening serum seemed like a no-brainer. If there's anything my often-called-alabaster skin needs, it's a little illumination. ("Alabaster" may seem like a compliment, but remember, it's a basically plaster.)

Recently repackaged in a prettier-than-ever bottle, the lotion-like formula uses stabilized vitamin C, neem and prune to give skin a healthy boost of brightness. And it even helps with the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation I tend to get after a blemish-without hydroquinone-by decreasing melanin production.

One of the most important components contributing to the rise in radiance is an exclusive blend that includes a peptide from lupine, a member of the pea family.

I've been using this gentle concoction for a little over a month, and I'm really happy with my complexion's glow-no shimmering powder required.