Stop Frying Your Hair With Your Flat Iron

Who hasn't overdone it with their flat iron before? It's almost too easy to singe your hair, leaving it smelling burnt and maybe even broken! But this is the risk we take when try to get straight locks.

To prevent damage in the future, don't use the maximum heat setting on your iron; most people can achieve straight strands with a medium temperature.

Furthermore, use a thermal protectant first, like Not Your Mother's Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Shield Spray, concentrating on the ends.

To stop ends from looking fried, coat them with avocado oil to help moisturize and rebuild the damaged bond. However, if you start to notice that flat-ironing has expedited split ends, it's time for a trim.

And if you can't seem to shake that burnt-hair smell, try a fragrance made especially for tresses, like Pure & Petal.

Are you a frequent flat-ironer? What's your favorite heat-protecting or repair product? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

  • Michelle
    Posted on

    I use soujourn thermal heat protector straightening formula. Comes In a spray. I put it on after I get out of the shower and then blow dry. After hair is dry I use the flatiron. Have had success with this for a few years now. I usually just use a flat iron from Sally's beauty supply and never had a problem with their flat irons. Just recently I thought I would splurge and buy a GHD iron which is supposed to be one of the best. Within 2 days it fried my hair. I now have broken hairs and the hair feels dry even with my heat protector. I'm throwing it away!! Going back to my cheap Sally's iron at least it does not damage my hair.

  • to anonymouse
    Posted on

    continued - sorry, hit submit by accident. Anyway, I started using Ovation Hair system and stopped using the straightening iron. It looked worse, but was dealable unlike w/o the Ovation products. I also stopped using hot setting on blow dryer. I use a round brush and a super powerful cold setting to get it dry. I reduced to 2-3 times a week of washing/drying. For the breakage that is totally obvious w/o straightener, I put a little Olive oil on it which smooths it down. Now it's been almost a year and you can totally see a line of breakage begin around 6 inches and the hair above it is smooth. I am now horrified by the straightening iron - I had thought I had a thyroid problem - and can't wait until it grows out more. It'll be so great to have hair that feels like hair again. The Ovation does not repair the hair, like they advertise, but it does get it in good enough shape that you can survive w/o the straightening iron while it grows out.

  • for anonymouse
    Posted on

    My flat iron singed my hair up to the roots as well. I used something called Ovation hair treatments (expensive), but which got it looking okay enough TO STOP USING THE FLAT IRON

  • troubled
    Posted on

    i use hot and gold iron on my hair not it looks green goldish UGLY I RUINED MY HAIR DON'T WANT TO DYE IT HELP ME PLEASE???!!!!! TELL ME WHAT TO DO THANKSTROUBLED

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    The flat iron has completed ruined my hair....In some places, all the way up to the roots. I can't stop using it because if I do, it looks fried. Don't know what to do??

  • Jasmin
    Posted on

    CHI by Farouk has an entire line of products that prepare and strengthen hair for flat ironing. I'm not crazy about the scent, but the line is very effective for protecting hair from the heat. CHI makes the some of the best irons out there, so they should know.

  • Steph
    Posted on

    I just flat iron my bangs but I keep the temp at 170 degrees, this is supposed to be the highest you should set your iron at, so says someone somewhere!haha This temp seems to be hot enough to straighten my hair without destroying it in the process though.

  • vSg
    Posted on

    I used Moroccan Oil products but found them to be 'too greasy' on my hair if I didn't want to wash daily. Another product I have discovered and love is 'perfect 10' which I bought @ my salon but believe you can find it @ Ulta, among other places. It gives you the smoothness without the greasy feeling/look that Moroccan oil leaves.

  • Stephanie
    Posted on

    I like to use a heat protector before I use the flat iron, it makes a difference.

  • farah
    Posted on

    LÓreal's Hot Constructor is really handy when ironing or tonging your hair. works for me, may work for u too

  • Jennifer
    Posted on

    To solve this problem I use MorrocanOil conditioner it's GREAT! Sometimes I sleep with it in my hair overnight - sometimes if I have no where to go, I put it on in the morning and leave it in all day while I am cleaning and hanging around the house - I leave it on as long as possible and ther esults are incredible!

  • sarah
    Posted on

    I used to have this problem, and I will probably NEVER stop using my flat iron but I have a new favorite product called Moroccan Oil - I actually tried it because a sample came in my test tube and now I am hooked. it really helps smooth my ends and makes my hair shiney and it smells great! you should try it.

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