Fragrant Body And Home Treats That Connect You With Your Favorite Places

Despite growing up in New Jersey until I was 15 and living in Florida on and off for eight years, I consider myself a New Yorker at heart.

I was born in Manhattan, and before moving back to the Sunshine State, I spent basically all of my 20s there. There's no place on earth that means more to me or that I miss so much. So when I came across the Memories of New York collection by Get Fresh, I felt like it was made for me.

Get Fresh accented vivid lemongrass with gentle lavender, infusing bubble bath, body lotion, a diffuser, and a soy candle with the uplifting scent. Although you may not automatically think "New York" when you smell lemongrass and lavender-many argue New York has other, um, signature aromas-it's how the scent combo makes you feel that really makes the connection: confident and energized, like you're ready to impress at a dream-job interview or shop all day in SoHo.

Not in love with NYC like I am? Get Fresh also offers Memories of Paris, Memories of Kyoto and Memories of Positano collections.