A Hibiscus Bouquet In A Hint-Of-Tint Balm

We've seen every lip balm flavor under the sun-or so we thought, until a package from Crazy Rumors arrived.

Inside were several shades of a tinted lip balm called HibisKiss. We immediately assumed that the hibiscus implied by the name was included for its hydrating abilities, but we assumed wrong. HibisKiss is hibiscus-flavored.

Here we were, thinking hibiscus is simply pretty to look at and pleasant to smell when, in fact, it's used all over the world to flavor tea and jam-and now, this delightful collection of easy-to-wear lip color. And it really is yummy!

Also in HibisKiss are plenty of vegan, organic extracts, like that of jojoba oil, olive oil and shea butter-some of nature's most lip-loving moisturizers.

In addition to making lips look more kissable, the sweet scent of hibiscus makes them utterly irresistible!

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