Infuse Your Locks With Long-Lost Luster

When your tresses have been damaged by daily styling rituals, it can be almost impossible to get it to shine the way you want. It's no average serum that can bring out the brilliance in heat-parched hair! So we love that Aquage offers a solution that gets hair glowing in two ways.

Silkening Oil Treatment, from the brand's SeaExtend color-care collection, unlocks hair's luster with moisturizing, frizz-fighting oils from argan and almond, as well as an incredible combination of marine extracts: blue sea kale, sea fennel, sea beet, and of course, seaweed.

But instead of simply coating strands in a layer of temporary gloss, Silkening Oil Treatment goes on damp hair to protect against the harshness of heat styling-this is where so much of your shine is drained!

The best part of this delicious-smelling serum? Its benefits build with time, improving the condition of your coif with every application.