Tlc From An Eye-Makeup Remover

Before becoming the enlightened beauty editor that I so humbly am today, I didn't use eye-makeup remover. I relied on whichever cleanser I had at the time to make my mascara and eyeliner budge-never without a fight. Way harsh.

I've been using eye-makeup remover for a while now, but finding one that didn't make me feel like my corneas were dissolving took a long time. Once I discovered Gentle Creamy Eye Make-up Remover by June Jacobs, I knew my search was over.

I was afraid the moisturizer-like texture would leave my lids greasy, but after a sweep or two with a cotton ball, they're just soft and clean.

You can credit its botanical ingredients for why its so merciful on (and beneficial for) the eye area. Green tea, cucumber and ginseng are just a few. And its royal jelly and glycerin stop moisture loss.

As much as I love trying new products, I know this works for me, and I won't be straying. (My eyelids would revolt if I did!)