The Golden Rule Of Gorgeous Smiles

The Golden Proportion, or Golden Ratio, is widely considered the key to any aesthetic outcome, and teeth are no exception. The human eye naturally picks up on proportion, and when something is out of proportion, our brain instantly tells us so.

Discovered by the Greeks thousands of years ago and further explored by Leonardo Da Vinci, the mathematical ratio for the Golden Proportion is approximately 1 to 1.618. The Greeks set out to explain why something is beautiful, and through scientific study, they were able to define beauty as what's called an irrational mathematical constant.

By applying this numerical relationship to the height and width of your teeth and other facial features, your dentist can design the ideal smile for your face, much like Hilary Duff's dentist did when she got veneers several years ago. Among what can be determined, The Golden Proportion can be used to figure out what the vertical length of the top teeth should be in relation to the lower teeth when biting down.

Many cosmetic dentists find that when the Golden Proportion is applied in an aesthetic dental procedures, patients end up feeling healthier because this is where nature intended their bite to be.