Décolletage Debate: Which Celeb Has Cuter Cleavage?

Both Rosario Dawson, 31, and Katy Perry, 26, have enviable bodies, thanks in part to perky-and supposedly natural-breasts that they often employ as accessories. In the recent photos to the left, their strapless dresses just wouldn't have the same effect without the extra oomph at the décolleté.

Even if you don't have Rosario's or Katy's measurements, you can get a similar look with the new Miraculous Multi-way Bra by Victoria's Secret. In addition to adding up to two full cup sizes, it promises maximum cleavage, even when you go strapless.

Who do you think worked their cleavage the best, Rosario or Katy? Is it too much? Just right? Let us know by leaving a comment below.