An Abbreviated Shampoo For Long-Lasting Nourishment

When GPB Shampoo arrived in our office, we had fun guessing what on earth GPB could stand for. Georgia Public Broadcasting? Groovy Prince Buster? Grimy Public Bathroom? Silly us-if we had just looked a little closer, we would've known from the start that it's an abbreviation for Glycogen Protein Balancing.

Made by Aubrey Organics, this science-meets-nature shampoo makes its mission clear: to bring balance and nourishment to your hair and scalp with a protein-rich formula. The protein in question is from milk and organic, non-GMO (that stands for genetically modified organism) soybeans, which help to strengthen each strand.

Every type of hair can benefit from the moisturizing blend of shea butter and botanical oils, which increase softness and improve shine.

A top seller for Aubrey Organics, GPB Shampoo comes in its original scent, rosemary peppermint, and lavender ylang ylang-or as we like to call it, LYY.