A Cystic Acne Serum That Deeply Delivers

Remember the first time you experienced cystic acne? Perhaps you woke up with a tender spot on your chin, or a bigger-than-average blemish with no sign of a whitehead. Many of us find out the hard way that trying to pop or pick a cystic blemish only leads to pain and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Typical over-the-counter acne treatments are no more fruitful than poking and prodding. That's because cystic acne is much deeper than regular acne, so usual products just dry out surface skin, leaving the infection to heal on its own-in about three agonizing weeks!

If that's just too long to put up with a firm, painful bump, try the Anti-Cyst Treatment from Renée Rouleau. This clear gel differs from other blemish busters in both its approach and depth.

Anti-Cyst Treatment relies on two forms of lactic acid to clear bacteria out of the pore and bring down inflammation. Although that may sound like what other topical treatments do, here's where it differs: carboxymethyl cellulose allows the ingredients to go deep, deep down into your skin, where the cystic infection resides.

Thanks to the combination of an effective AHA and a smart delivery system, Anti-Cyst Treatment helps to speed up the healing process of these especially bothersome blemishes.