Reverse Discoloration With Seemingly Endless Brightening Ingredients

Ingredients are everything. Sure, we love well-designed packaging and an addictive scent, but even the most meticulously chosen font and fragrance can't make a difference in how your skin looks-especially hyperpigmentation.

What can make a difference is the all-star cast of ingredients in Sunday Riley's new Stimulant III Perfecting Stem Cell Serum. Inside this tall, lean bottle may be the most lighteners and brighteners we've ever seen in one formula.

Ready? Here they are: octadecenedioic acid, buddleja stem cells, retinol, kojic dipalmitate (a kojic acid alternative), nonapeptide-1, bearberry, phenylethyl resorcinol (aka SymWhite 377), glycyrrhetinic acid (from licorice), Dermawhite NF, songyi mushroom, niacinamide, citrus bioflavonoids, Lipobrite, undecylenoyl phenylalanine and lotus zymbiozome fermentum.

Yes, some of those are hard to pronounce, but they work wonders on brown spots that are hard to fade. By reversing the effects of sun damage, putting a stop to tyrosinase and melanin production, and gently exfoliating, they make a major impact on your complexion's evenness and radiance.

And it just so happens Sunday Riley products look and smell great, so they've got that going for them, too!